Carp Fishing - Dordogne, France

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All carp fishing holidays at Forest Lake Carp Fishing France include exclusive lake hire for you and your party along with the use of our fisherman's cabin. This is a newly renovated building with modern kitchen, shower and toilet. The kitchen includes a large fridge and a separate large freezer, an electric cooker, microwave, kettle and toaster along with all the pots, pans and cutlery that you're likely to need while carp fishing in France. There are also electric power points and adaptors in the cabin so that you can charge mobile phones and other items during your carp fishing holiday.

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Note: We do ask guests to provide their own towels, though - both for the kitchen and shower room. The cabin does not include sleeping facilities as anglers are expected to take their naps between catches while bivvied up on the bankside.

Loads of gear for your carp fishing holiday

If you want to fly from the UK but you don't want to be laden down with luggage then why not borrow ours free of charge? All our equipment is ideally suited to carp fishing in France and comes from the excellent Matt Hayes Total Fishing Gear range and comprises:

•TFG Force 8 2-Man Bivvy
•TFG Power Pod
•TFG Force 8 3-Leg Bedchair
•TFG Signature Chair
•TFG X-Series 42-inch Fishing Net
•TFG Fish Friendly Weigh Sling with Rods
•TFG Unhooking Mat
•TFG Force 8 2-Man Bivvy
•TFG F8 12-foot 2.5lb Test Curve Carp Rods

Carp Fishing - Dordogne, France

Sleeping Bag and Pillow Hire

If you choose to fly to Forest Lake Carp Fishing, you may like to consider hiring one of our TFG X-Tuff Extreme Sleeping Bag and Pillow sets. The bags are the top quality, four-season type which are designed to fit over the TFG bedchairs that we also supply. The pillows can also be attached, so you don't need to worry about losing them in the scramble to respond to your alarm.

The bags and pillows are dry-cleaned between uses. Naturally this adds to the cost of supplying these items, but at £30 per set per holiday it's still a good deal compared to excess baggage charges. What's more you don't need to worry about repacking them when you go home.

Carp Fishing - Dordogne, France

Top Quality Fishing Baits

Here at Forest Lake Carp Fishing we strive to make your stay as relaxing and hassle free as possible and that includes providing you with all the top quality baits you'll need for your trip.

Proven to catch time and again, our range of pellets and boilies come from a leading bait manufacturer. These baits are freshly prepared for your trip, are easily digestable and have the type of high nutritional value that ensures that the carp quickly get their heads down and keep them down.